5th ASIA Congress & Annual General Meeting

Date : 22 - 26 February 2021

Venue : Zoom


The 5th ASIA Congress and Annual General Meeting will be held virtually from 22nd-26th February 2021 for the first time in our history due to COVID-19 situation.

The 5th Congress is organized by the Japan Sport Council (JSC), the theme is "New-norm in High-Performance Sport with COVID-19 and the Future of Sport in Asia".

The Congress will highlight the new-norm in high-performance sports and the role of high-performance sports for the society in the post corona world. And at each session, speakers will provide insights from their experiences and the best practices in Asia to overcome challenges that Asian countries are facing to develop sports.

The registration is opened to all sport administrators, practitioners, educators, coaches and students from ASIA member’s and Non-ASIA member’s organisations.


Athlete Pathway & Network Development
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Introduction Athlete Pathway Development in Bangladesh Dr. A.F.M. Samir Ullah 2-1
Developing athlete pathway in collaboration with NFs and regional governments Yoko Matsui 2-2
Holistic Ecological Approach of Talent Development in a specialised school of sport: Case Study of a Successful Netball Millieu (HEA) to Talent Development in Sport Yoko Matsui 2-3

Evidence Based Athlete support - Athletes Support in Athletics based on the scientific data
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Nutritional Strategy to Improve Performance of Gymnastic Athletes Dr. JEN-YU HO 4①-1
Gymnastics : How to Create Champions SHIH-HANG WENG 4①-2
Using data to guide athletic development Dr Philip Graham-Smith 4①-3
Supporting athletics through biomechanics: A case-study Mr Desmond Boey 4①-4

Evidence Based Athlete support - Cooling Strategy
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Use of pre- and post-cooling for sailing Dr Kester Choo 4②−1
Playing it cool - implementing precooling during Squash and Hockey competitions Dr Carl James 4②−2
Cooling strategies as heat countermeasures - from research to practice - Dr. Mariko Nakamura 4②−3

Evidence Based Athlete support - Recovery and performance in high performance sport: Practical Applications and Implications
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
The importance of education and adherence to recovery methods in elite racquets sports Dr. Tim Jones 4③-1
A 90-min nap after morning exercise on after noon performance and subsequent sleep Karina Ando 4③-2
An evidence-based approach to Recovery for Combat sport athletes at the Inspire Institute of Sport Saumya Khullar 4③-3

Evidence Based Athlete support - Training Measurement using IoT
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Jump measuring system at high-performance training gym at JISS Dr Daichi Yamashita 4④−1
Measurement in the support for para-skiing Noriko Hakamada 4④−2
Capitalizing wearable devices to improve research and coaching quality Dr. Chaipat Lawsirirat 4④−3
Introduction to the working principle of The Internet of Things Angus Lam 4④−4

Evidence Based Athlete support - Mental Health/Well-being
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Mental Health Literacy Education Joyce Koh 4⑤-1
Athletes' Mental Health Assessment Tools and the Continuum Development Process Suebsai Boonveerabut 4⑤-2
Training Center's Responsibility for Athlete Mental Health Chaitanya Sridhar 4⑤-3

Comparing aspect of management high-performance sports centers in Asia
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Organisational Systems of High-Performance Sports Centers in Asia -Japan- Dr. Jun Kubota 5-1
Singapore High Performance Sport (HPS) System Dr.Richard Gordon 5-2
Dr. Andi Rahman 5-4

Safe Sport: Protecting Athletes in High Performance Environments
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Sexual Harrassement and Abuse Prevention Programme Niloo Jayatilake 6-1
Safeguarding for High Performance Athletes Azhar Yusof 6-2

High Performance Sports start from grass roots
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
"Perspectives and challenges towards the development of high performance sports in Nepal." Sulochana Sijakhwa 7-1
"From Grassroots Sports to High Performance Sports ~What Fukuoka Prefecture does to Keep Sports Moving forward~" Shinji Heima 7-2

Women and sport
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Practical Framework and Decision process to manage RED-S Saumya Kullar 8−1
Mind the gap: Women Can Coach Afzan Mahadi 8−2

Women in Paralympic Sports in the Middle East and Asia
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Women in Leadership Ms. Rita van Driel 9−1
Development of the Women's Paralympic Sport in Saudi Arabia Nasser Alqahtani 9−2
Developing Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team in Yemen Amal Haza'a Ali Munassar 9−3
Development of Women in Sport in Cambodia Yi Veasna 9−4
Developing female leaders in Sports: Women of Action Dr. Bouathep PHOUMINDR 9−5

Evolution of technology in high-performance sports
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
iDietScoreTM, Sports Nutrition-based Mobile Application for Athletes and Active Individuals Mohd Izham bin Mohamad 11−1
Tech it or Leave it … identifying the right technology to make an impact Dr Philip Graham-Smith 11−2
A boost in sport scientific approach to high performance training Dr. Raymond So 11−3

Coaching in new-normal ~How do we adopt coaching to the pandemic situation~
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Reimagining Sport in Different Times Azhar Yusof 12−1
Leadership and Adaptation under COVID-19 Dr. Kaori Araki 12−2

Road to Asian Games 2026 ~Aichi・Nagoya~
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games Zhong Hangwei 14−1
Initiatives towards “ Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Games ” Tokubun Yamahida 14−2

How Do We Ensure the Safety of Athletes/Coaches/Staff? ~ Prevention Measures of COVID-19 ~
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
How we fight against Covid 19 : Malaysia BOLEH ! Dr Jasmiza Khuzairi bin Jasme 15−1
Crisis and response of competitive sports during the COVID-19 Tao Liu 15−2
infection control measures at high-performance sport center (measurement method and facility management) Dr. Michiko Dohi 15−3
Managing Human Performance Data During COVID-19 James Grigson 15−4

Research on Covid-19 in high-performance sports
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
COVID-19 Movement Restriction: Impacts and solutions for athletes Jad Adrian 17−1
The Impact of COVID-19 on High Performance Sport Centers around Asia and the World Dr. Yoriko Noguchi 17−2
Impact Of Circuit Breaker On Fitness Status Of Elite Youth Athletes In Singapore Marcus Lee & Quintin Roman 17−3