New Update: ASIA New Members Admission Ceremony

Date : 28 April 2017

Venue : Hong Kong, China


Six Asian high performance sporting institutes, have today taken part in a signing ceremony, inaugurating them as new members of the ‘Association of Sports Institutes in Asia’ (ASIA). They will join forces with the current founding members; Aspire Academy (Qatar), Hong Kong Sports Institute, Japan Sport Council and Singapore Sport Institute. The signing ceremony forms part of the 2nd ASIA Congress, which is currently being held at the Hong Kong Sports Institute where participants from over 15 countries have gathered to discuss, debate and explore ways of enhancing the future of high performance sport in Asia.

The ‘OASIS’ will be set-up as a multi-use lounge / office space which will provide a platform for knowledge sharing, meeting, and networking for ASIA members, Asian HPC representatives and other stakeholders.

New ASIA Members
  • Bangladesh- Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan (BKSP) (Bangladesh Institute of Sports)
  • Chinese Taipei ‐ National Sports Training Centre
  • Malaysia ‐ National Sports Institute of Malaysia
  • Nepal ‐ Sports Science Academy of Nepal
  • Philippines – Philippine Olympic Committee
  • Singapore ‐ National Youth Sports Institute

By signing the membership agreement, these organizations commit to working together towards achieving the ASIA objectives.

Objectives of ASIA
  • To set up a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise in relation to high performance training;
  • To cooperatively develop and enhance the quality, function, management, and operation of high performance institutes that will directly and indirectly influence the development of athletes, coaches, sports scientists and support staff;
  • To foster the engagement and development of human resources who actively deliver services in the specific fields of high performance sport, so as to innovate practice and enhance the quality of program and service-delivery; and
  • To demonstrate leadership and presence in raising the profile of high performance institutes of Asia both regionally and internationally by developing and operating collaborative activities.

ASIA is the region's first association bringing together Asian high performance training centres. It is a non-profit and non-government organization with a mission to foster the best practices in the area of long term Asian athlete development through a comprehensive model of collaboration, exchange of expertise and networking opportunities for administrators of high performance across all of Asia.