ASIA is a non-profit-making non-government organization; it is a representative body of the group of high performance sports institutes in Asia. The association develops its main activity at the Asian level.


ASIA envisions a vibrant & active community of all Asian countries, collaborating towards a stronger sporting Asia performance based on sound practices, with respect and openness.


The mission of ASIA is to foster the best practices in the area of long term Asian athlete development through a comprehensive model of collaboration, exchange of expertise and networking opportunities for administrators of high performance across all of Asia.



The objectives of ASIA are:

  • To set up a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience in relation to high performance training;
  • To cooperatively develop and enhance the quality, function, management, and operation of high performance institutes that will directly and indirectly influence the development of athletes, coaches, sports scientists and support staff;
  • To demonstrate leadership and presence in raising the profile of high performance institutes of Asia both regionally and internationally by developing and operating collaborative activities; and
  • To foster the engagement and development of human resources who actively deliver services in the specific fields of high performance sport, so as to innovate practice and enhance the quality of program and service-delivery.

Collaborative Activities

The framework of activities will be in the form of annual congress, exchange programs, secondments, workshops etc.

Fields for collaborative activities include but not limited to:

  • Talent Identification & Development
  • Sport Science & Sports Medicine
  • Recovery Centers
  • Funding & Investment Evaluation Scheme
  • Strategic Planning & Evaluation
  • Olympics & Paralympics Preparation
  • Elite Coach Development & Methodologies
  • Management of High Performance Institutes
  • Sports Intelligence & Analytics
  • Career Development & Education
  • Elite Competition Preparation
  • Roles with international federations, National Olympic/Paralympic Committees and national governing bodies.