Presenations :

Athlete Pathway & Network Development
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Introduction Athlete Pathway Development in Bangladesh Dr. A.F.M. Samir Ullah 2-1
Developing athlete pathway in collaboration with NFs and regional governments Yoko Matsui 2-2
Holistic Ecological Approach of Talent Development in a specialised school of sport: Case Study of a Successful Netball Millieu (HEA) to Talent Development in Sport Yoko Matsui 2-3

Evidence Based Athlete support - Athletes Support in Athletics based on the scientific data
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Nutritional Strategy to Improve Performance of Gymnastic Athletes Dr. JEN-YU HO 4①-1
Gymnastics : How to Create Champions SHIH-HANG WENG 4①-2
Using data to guide athletic development Dr Philip Graham-Smith 4①-3
Supporting athletics through biomechanics: A case-study Mr Desmond Boey 4①-4

Evidence Based Athlete support - Cooling Strategy
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Use of pre- and post-cooling for sailing Dr Kester Choo 4②−1
Playing it cool - implementing precooling during Squash and Hockey competitions Dr Carl James 4②−2
Cooling strategies as heat countermeasures - from research to practice - Dr. Mariko Nakamura 4②−3

Evidence Based Athlete support - Recovery and performance in high performance sport: Practical Applications and Implications
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
The importance of education and adherence to recovery methods in elite racquets sports Dr. Tim Jones 4③-1
A 90-min nap after morning exercise on after noon performance and subsequent sleep Karina Ando 4③-2
An evidence-based approach to Recovery for Combat sport athletes at the Inspire Institute of Sport Saumya Khullar 4③-3

Evidence Based Athlete support - Training Measurement using IoT
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Jump measuring system at high-performance training gym at JISS Dr Daichi Yamashita 4④−1
Measurement in the support for para-skiing Noriko Hakamada 4④−2
Capitalizing wearable devices to improve research and coaching quality Dr. Chaipat Lawsirirat 4④−3
Introduction to the working principle of The Internet of Things Angus Lam 4④−4

Evidence Based Athlete support - Mental Health/Well-being
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Mental Health Literacy Education Joyce Koh 4⑤-1
Athletes' Mental Health Assessment Tools and the Continuum Development Process Suebsai Boonveerabut 4⑤-2
Training Center's Responsibility for Athlete Mental Health Chaitanya Sridhar 4⑤-3

Comparing aspect of management high-performance sports centers in Asia
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Organisational Systems of High-Performance Sports Centers in Asia -Japan- Dr. Jun Kubota 5-1
Singapore High Performance Sport (HPS) System Dr.Richard Gordon 5-2
Dr. Andi Rahman 5-4

Safe Sport: Protecting Athletes in High Performance Environments
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Sexual Harrassement and Abuse Prevention Programme Niloo Jayatilake 6-1
Safeguarding for High Performance Athletes Azhar Yusof 6-2

High Performance Sports start from grass roots
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
"Perspectives and challenges towards the development of high performance sports in Nepal." Sulochana Sijakhwa 7-1
"From Grassroots Sports to High Performance Sports ~What Fukuoka Prefecture does to Keep Sports Moving forward~" Shinji Heima 7-2

Women and sport
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Practical Framework and Decision process to manage RED-S Saumya Kullar 8−1
Mind the gap: Women Can Coach Afzan Mahadi 8−2

Women in Paralympic Sports in the Middle East and Asia
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Women in Leadership Ms. Rita van Driel 9−1
Development of the Women's Paralympic Sport in Saudi Arabia Nasser Alqahtani 9−2
Developing Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team in Yemen Amal Haza'a Ali Munassar 9−3
Development of Women in Sport in Cambodia Yi Veasna 9−4
Developing female leaders in Sports: Women of Action Dr. Bouathep PHOUMINDR 9−5

Evolution of technology in high-performance sports
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
iDietScoreTM, Sports Nutrition-based Mobile Application for Athletes and Active Individuals Mohd Izham bin Mohamad 11−1
Tech it or Leave it … identifying the right technology to make an impact Dr Philip Graham-Smith 11−2
A boost in sport scientific approach to high performance training Dr. Raymond So 11−3

Coaching in new-normal ~How do we adopt coaching to the pandemic situation~
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Reimagining Sport in Different Times Azhar Yusof 12−1
Leadership and Adaptation under COVID-19 Dr. Kaori Araki 12−2

Road to Asian Games 2026 ~Aichi・Nagoya~
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
Preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games Zhong Hangwei 14−1
Initiatives towards “ Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Games ” Tokubun Yamahida 14−2

How Do We Ensure the Safety of Athletes/Coaches/Staff? ~ Prevention Measures of COVID-19 ~
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
How we fight against Covid 19 : Malaysia BOLEH ! Dr Jasmiza Khuzairi bin Jasme 15−1
Crisis and response of competitive sports during the COVID-19 Tao Liu 15−2
infection control measures at high-performance sport center (measurement method and facility management) Dr. Michiko Dohi 15−3
Managing Human Performance Data During COVID-19 James Grigson 15−4

Research on Covid-19 in high-performance sports
Presentation Title Presenter Session NO#
COVID-19 Movement Restriction: Impacts and solutions for athletes Jad Adrian 17−1
The Impact of COVID-19 on High Performance Sport Centers around Asia and the World Dr. Yoriko Noguchi 17−2
Impact Of Circuit Breaker On Fitness Status Of Elite Youth Athletes In Singapore Marcus Lee & Quintin Roman 17−3