Annual Congress

The Association of Sports Institutes in Asia (ASIA) was established in March 2015 and is the region's first association bringing together Asian high performance training centers. ASIA’s mission is to foster the best practices in the area of long-term Asian athlete development through a comprehensive model of collaboration, exchange of expertise and networking opportunities for administrators of high performance across all of Asia.

There are currently over 80 high performance training centers spread throughout Asia.

This congress will gather Asia’s most influential performance practitioners to share insights and spark discussion that will help shape the future of sport in Asia.

Who should attend?
  • Key decision makers who have the capacity to influence the future direction of High Performance Sport in Asia, and whom are interested in joining ASIA in order to impact quality enhancement in sport in this region of the world.

Congress Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Takahiro Waku (Japan Sport Council)
  • Dr. Yoriko Noguchi (Japan Sport Council)
  • Ms. Mai Sakaguchi (Japan Sport Council)
  • Ms. Sachiko Yamada (Japan Sport Council)
  • Dr. Raymond So (Hong Kong Sports Institute)
  • Ms. Ada Cheng (Hong Kong Sports Institute)
  • Dr Philip Graham-Smith (Aspire Academy, Qatar)
  • Mr. Toh Boon Yi (Singapore Sport Institute)
  • Dr. Su Chun Wei (Singapore Sport Institute)
  • Ms. Ning Li (Singapore Sport Institute)